Pediatric Dental Services

Here at Dentistry for Children prevention is key to great oral health!

Our expert dentists believe parents would rather prevent a dental issue than treat one. All of our greater Atlanta area offices are equipped with an outstanding dental team and several types of treatment plans designed to keep your children’s teeth and gums healthy. Partner with us today by Scheduling an appointment to learn more about our pediatric dental services!

Dental Services

Dental Fillings

Even with brushing your teeth twice a day, cavities can happen. Sometimes, even the most disciplined brushers need a filling…

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Dentistry with Nitrous Oxide

It is normal for your child to feel anxious or nervous before a dental procedure, but here at Dentistry for…

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Pulpotomies/Root Canals on primary teeth

No parent wants to hear the words, “Your child needs a root canal,” but sometimes it happens. Our pediatric dentists…

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Sports Mouthguards

There’s a reason professional athletes wear mouthguards – a healthy mouth is important no matter what! Mouthguards cover the upper…

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Tooth Extractions

At Dentistry for Children, we do everything we can to preserve your child’s healthy smiles, but sometimes, a tooth extraction…

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What you need to know about braces

Treatment with braces isn’t just about straight teeth and a gorgeous smile. It’s about maximizing the alignment of your teeth…

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What People Are Saying

“The staff is fantastic, they explain everything to the parents and to the child being worked on. The take their time and make you feel heard. I recommend this office to anyone and everyone who wants a good experience and who might be afraid of the dentist.”

Dana Gabrielson

“The staff was considerate, friendly, and most of all timely! And the doctor was amazing! She was intelligent, focused, genuinely caring about my granddaughter's well-being, and above all she performed the work in excellence and quickly.”

Karen Buttorf Sharp

“Where do I begin...?
My guys have been coming here for (at least) the last 8 years and when I say to people, my kids are weird because they actually like going to the dentist, it’s because of these guys here. At least to me, it’s a family thing, and my family feels our dentist office is invested in us.”

Michael E. Siaca

“Our kids are excited to go to the dentist and want to give hugs to everyone there.”

Windy March Jordan Greenway

“My grandson loved it there and so will your children.”

Tee Carter

“I love it here but more importantly, my daughter loves it.”

Lorrie McCollum

“Great staff!! Excellent with the little ones. They really went above and beyond to make this place comfortable and fun!!”

KC Suddeth

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