We care about you and our communities!  Dentistry for Children has participated in hundreds of school and community festivals and fairs. From face and hair painting and appearances from the Tooth Fairy, to providing dental health education and screenings, Dentistry for Children values our involvement at these events.



Establishing good oral hygiene is important not only for a healthy mouth and teeth, but also contributes greatly to an individual’s overall health. Dentistry for Children is committed to educating children about the importance of strong oral hygiene habits, and we are making it fun!

Luna, our enchanted tooth fairy, uses magic, puppets and props to teach kids all about how to keep a healthy mouth and beautiful smile. The tooth fairy and her quirky friend, Fred the monkey-puppet, visit over 35,000 kids in schools, churches and daycares with tips and tricks to maintaining good oral hygiene and sparkling smiles. Color changing rabbits, disappearing milk, giant teeth and an amazing fire illusion, are all in Luna’s bag of tricks, making sure that kids are both entertained and educated.

Just like everyone else these days, the tooth fairy is online! You can follow Luna on Twitter! Parents and children can read all about the tooth fairy’s mystical adventures and share in the importance of taking care of your teeth. As she puts it, “It’s the tooth. The whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth!” Make sure to visit Luna online and you can even find out how to receive a special surprise from our tooth fairy when you lose a tooth! Dentistry for Children along with Luna the tooth fairy and Fred the monkey, are here to spread the word far and wide about healthy smiles!

For more information about Luna and her complimentary 30-minute Magic Tooth Fairy Show, please contact Natalie Jones at


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